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Apply Wizard is now accepting new clients. We have completed an upgrade in our services that has added several new features designed to enable clients to customize their application forms and processing to better suit their needs.

The first project of a new client is free of charge. We will use your credit card information only when you proceed with an additional project. Additional projects are subject to a fee based on the number of projects expected over a year. The volume of applications for a given project does not affect the price of the service.

For help in setting up your project contact us at:
For more information about our fee structure contact us at:

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who receives and evaluates applications of virtually any kind should consider the benefits of using the web-native, customizable and cost/effective AppServant: personnel searches, school, college and graduate admissions, fellowship programs, internships, requests for proposals grant applications, volunteers.

Four Simple Do-it-Yourself Steps

  1. Design your own application form to obtain the important information you need to decide which applicants you should invest time with.
  2. Launch your outreach and application collection process online in a way that is appropriate for your purposes.
  3. Select the best applicants for acceptance or further consideration using as many participants and as many stages in the process as you wish.
  4. Send the applicants customized messages concerning the status of their applications and next steps.

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