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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider this service?

If you process applications for positions, The Apply Wizard gives you web-native tools that enable you, and your team, to assess applications individually and as a committee, keeping a record of each of your comments and ratings of the applicants and processing responses quickly and effectively.   No other application service has the features that The Apply Wizard provides.

   1) Application forms that you can customize to draw out the information you need from applicants.

   2) Automatic reference requests and replies built into the application form.

   3) Blind ratings and comments by multiple reviewers.

   4) Online committee reviews of applications, comments and reviews.

   5) Categorization of applicants and automatic emails to each category of applicants

Tips for Creating a Position Template.

When Creating a template, keep in mind the following. 

  1. Required Demographic Information
  2. Unique Requirements of the Position
  3. Unique Characteristics of the company
The template should help you identify applicants that possess skills or characteristics required for the position. For example: any licenses, special certifications, schedules, functionality skill, etc.

How does it save me time and money?

The Apply Wizard is a paperless, web-native system that enables multiple reviewers of applications, collection of references, decisions and personalized emails to applicants. The service avoids the time-consuming , costly and ineffective  process of copying and passing  applications, cover letters and resumes from one place to another and collecting reviewers' comments.  

How do I get started?

Sign up for a Free Trial.  At any time during the Trial you can convert your account to one of the fee-schedules for the service.   Keep in mind that your trial is for a designated number of position openings.  

Who should I contact to find out more about The Apply Wizard?


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