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Features & Benefits

  1. More relevant information. You can learn much more about applicants than can be gleaned from the standard cover letter and resume. You can ask several specific questions designed to obtain information concerning the unique requirements of the position. By asking pointed questions that require thought, one can learn a lot and easily screen out applicants who are not well aligned with the position.
  2. Consolidated web-based system. All applications can be found on one secure web page with each application listed on one line.  Each application's responses, attachments, references are just a click away for Reviewers.
  3. Independent reviews.  Up to ten Raters are able to read, comment and rate applications without knowledge of how other Raters have reviewed the applications.  They see only which Raters have reviewed which applications.
  4. Triage.  A preliminary review and rating of applications can create a "short list" of applications that have met certain minimal criteria for further review by additional, often more senior, reviewers.   The second level of review is also "independent" in the sense that the second round of Raters know only that an application has be selected for further review.
  5. Committee decisions. After the Ratings have been completed, a separate Decision page enables a group to view a webpage that shows each Rater's comments and rating. This and enables the committee to discuss differences of opinion and to make an independent comment and rating of each applicant.
  6. Responses to applications. Group emails can be prepared and sent to groups of applicants.  This makes it easy, for example, to send a rejection letter to the "No" group or a request for more information to the "Yes" group. 

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